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The Be Bold App is a simplified teaching tool designed to provide Believers, Churches, Missionaries and Evangelism teams with the necessary tools required to work in unison with the Holy Spirit to change the world through witnessing.

We believe witnessing should be a way-of-life and the Be Bold App will help you fulfill the great commission through video demonstrations, audio tutorials, user-friendly instructions, tips and more!

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Sharing Your Faith Made Easy
This Be Bold App is an awesome easy to use witnessing tool in the palm of your hand. Now you will be empowered to boldly share your faith.

Video and Audio Tutorials
With this technology at the touch of your fingertips you will learn how to recognize who to witness to and the best techniques to use.

Follow Up
Record names and contact info of those you witness to for future follow up.

Easy to use Interface
With our simple design, our interface is easy to use and easy to navigate.

Social Media Sharing
Easily share posts to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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You can truly change the world one person at a time by sharing your faith. The Be Bold App will help you engage people and you don’t have to be a witnessing veteran to use this app.

This App provides you with relevant Bible scriptures, prayers, witnessing techniques, and tips that you can use while you are witnessing to family, friends, acquaintances and new connections.

Try the App and learn how to boldly step out and be a witness for Jesus!

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Extra Features
Insights on steps after witnessing, follow-up tips, handing rejection, prayers and much more.

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